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"In short, we've been impressed: the program included ear training, solfege singing, and rhythm training, in addition to piano instruction. We loved how the group setting and parent participation were integral to the early curriculum.

In the last four years, we've had so many wonderful experiences at Yamaha."

- Yamaha Parent Jeanne Hayes


2018 Preview Classes

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Ms. Rita Hovanesian, director
Phone: 818-787-0201 Ext. 21

The Yamaha Music School is one of the most prestigious piano programs in the country. We are proud to be associated with them and to offer this exceptional opportunity. We urge you to save your place in the fall schedule. If you would like to know more, sign up for the free preview lesson. You will:

* Experience a real class with your child
* Understand more about Yamaha's unique approach to learning the piano
* Discover the perfect age for your child to start piano lessons
* Meet our wonderful teachers
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2018 Preview Classes
JMC 4-5 yrs
Sunday  Aug 26 12:30 pm
YMC 6-8 yrs 
Sunday Aug 26 1:30 pm